Self Generated Content Infrastructure

We have loads of user generated content out there and I like it. The main thing behind getting into blogging years ago was my own personal remberall. I blogged the summaries from my MBA for example. This is also true for, even though I haven’t found the perfect bookmarking tool yet. Furl was actually getting close now thinking about it but it somehow stopped being used. Not sure why. For Web development company visit Vivid Designs

Now I am starting to become a fan of Brightkite, am still an avid user of Flickr, still love Twitter, have my own Tumblr like blog (thinking about moving to Tumblr from Chyrp hating the not possible import feature). I am also on facebook which aggregated my twitter stream and facebook aggregates it all, actually double aggregating some stuff because it’s autotumbled.

The problem I really have is that I want all that. I want it in one system where I can add private feeds and can search for it. I want it so it integrates all tags. If I look for tag “advertising” it should list all stuff for this tag, be it, tumblr, or wordpress. I want it to understand my exact location based on using brightkite and other service while not having to publish my location to flickr and other. This system also need to accept imports from all those platforms as RSS feeds are not going back far enough.

Friendfeed is not bad already but I actually want Friendfeed to store all the content of the stuff that comes in from RSS feeds because I want it included in the searches. I don’t want them to show it to me, I just want it returned in searches damn it, so it’s not about duplicate content or something. I often do not have the word I want to find in the title of the post, if I even remember the title of the post. If you are looking for Website design & development company in Chennai visit Vivid Designs

This is actually what lifestreaming is about but it’s more of a personal lifestreaming thing. I do not care about sharing it with the world. I can, but it is too much for most people anyway. When I look back in my timeline I would love it tightly integrated with my current location at that time without having to tell that to the world. I want public and private photos.


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