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The Porsche Macan model has three versions: Macan S, Macan S Diesel and Macan Turbo. Mixed tyres are fitted in the car for a strong adhesion to facilitate quickness with ease. The Porsche Stability Management assures decent stability, which helps driver in maintaining a balance on road. The car also has digital functionalities within it. The Porsche Active Safe monitors the speed of the car besides monitoring the car’s distance to the divider line markings on the road. For the enhancement of car’s performance, steel spring suspension and air suspensions are available. The car has thermal management and various other features that reduce fuel consumption and increases its efficiency.


As is the usual case, not a lot will change with this facelift. The same hood will carry over as will the same general body shell. Up front, it looks like this prototype is wearing different headlights while the louvers in the vents below the headlights look to extend much farther, almost touching the grille. The front grille should remain the same, but the air dam down below is taller, while the lip is bigger and extends further from the nose. The fog light area has also changed. It isn’t as deeply recessed as before and looks like it may get horizontal fog lights as opposed to the round units found on the current model.

Moving over to the side profile, there’s nothing new to speak of. It’s possible that we’ll see some new wheel designs with this facelift and a new standard color or two. It’s the same story in the rear as well, but the taillights are wearing some tape, so it’s likely there’s something fresh going on here. Chances are, Porsche will go with a clearer, more Euro-style lens to make the rear end pop a little more. Or, it could end up with rear lights that are similar to those found on the new Panamera. Outside of that, the rest of the Macan appears to carry over unchanged.


As a creator of sports cars, we know that driver and car must form a single entity. As such, you do not simply sit in the Porsche Macan – the ergonomic architecture integrates you into the vehicle. The three-dimensional arrangement of the controls lends the interior a cockpit-style layout. In typical Macan fashion, the sporty front seats convey a sense of height above the road but a firm connection with it. But despite the slightly stiffer feel to get be sportier the seats are very luxurious.The leather used is top notch. The three spoke steering is well leather and chrome cladded with a tinch of wood. The centre console had buttons for every purpose and gives the feel of a cockpit. Or maybe just may be the cockpit may have lesser no of buttons.

If I have to find a glitch in the Porsche Macan, it would be that people can get confused with so many buttons. The steering has a nice feel. The infotainment display screen is big and clear and unlike most systems it is easy to use. Getting at the rear the seats are high and have excellent thigh support. Unfortunately there is the huge hump on the floor that we normally find in rear or 4 wheel drive cars. The piano wood on the doors and dash are very elegant and scream quality wood. But honestly this is a car for 4 people. The third person in the centre would have an issue on long drives.


Horizontally opposed 6 – cylinders power a 2.9litre engine which delivers an output of 268.6PS at 7400 revs per minute. The torque achieved is 300Nm between 4400 – 6000 RPM. The coupe series also comes powered with a 3.4litre engine which delivers 324PS at 7200RPM and 370Nm at 4750 RPM. The CO2 emissions are controlled in both engines and the direct fuel injection system is constructed in a manner that it is light. The Variocam Plus technology helps increase the torque even at lower engine speed. The Porsche Doopelkupplung transmission, also known as PDK, is also offered as an option with which the car can achieve 281lmph high speed and can accelerate from 0 – 100kmph in 4.9 seconds. The Sports Chrono Package is also available which allows the acceleration till 100kmph in just 4.7 seconds. With the manual gearbox, Porsche Sportscar can do 0 – 100kmph in 5.8 seconds.

When you drive a machine like Porsche Cayman, not many worry about the mileage because this vehicle aims at satisfying one’s need for driving a car that’s brilliant in terms of handling as well as driving. However, the figures delivered in the Porsche Cayman mileage reports are quite impressive with a mileage of 6.3kmpl in cities and about 9kmpl on highways. The S version delivers 6.9kmpl in cities and 13.8kmpl on highways.


Quite simply, no other compact luxury SUV is more engaging and fun to drive as the 2017 Porsche Macan. Some may come close, but the degree of capability and driver connection is elevated to a degree that makes its Porsche badge represent more than just a fashion statement.No matter which engine you opt for, you’re going to get acceleration that either matches the class best or utterly blows it away. And while the Macan’s steering doesn’t communicate as well as what you get from a Porsche 911, it’s still better than the majority of cars on the road — let alone SUVs. The same could be said of the handling in general. Grip is plentiful, and the Macan changes direction with confidence and poise. It encourages the sort of driving you’d expect to experience in a sport sedan rather than an SUV. Note, however, that if you want the full effect and have room in the garage for a set of winter tires, we would highly recommend the summer tires for their added grip.

Thankfully, this impressive handling capability doesn’t translate to a stiff-legged ride over bumps and ruts. Indeed, the Macan is quite comfortable and quiet over just about any road surface, something that cannot be said of other athletic SUVs. The optional 20-inch wheels don’t upset the ride enough that we would recommend avoiding them if you prefer the looks of a larger wheel.


This series is now available in three variants, but all those trims incorporated with identical set of safety features. It has a list of aspects including full size airbags, Porsche side impact protection, three point inertia-reek seat belts with seat mounted buckles, engine immobilizer with in-key transponder, ISOFIX child seat mountings and central locking system. This model series is also blessed with features like an separate LED auxiliary light unit including daytime running lights, automatic headlight activation function, pad wear sensor on each brake caliper, electric parking brake and several other such advanced aspects.


You must be wondering why only three stars. Yes, the Porsche Macan is an amazing car. Yes I was all praises about it and yes it ticks all the right spots but……… There are many other equally good brands offering the same if not more for much less. Also those brands have cars assembled here hence parts would be cheaper and easily available. What the Macan can get you is the exclusivity which depends on you if it really is worth paying.

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